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    We are currently working on an e-mail programme similar to hotmail,yahoo,aol etc. We therefore appreciate if you could help us with the following queries: <BR><BR>1. can this be done in asp?<BR>2. if not, then which other languages are required?<BR>3. Please give complete information about how to generate space on the server i.e. assigning email-id to the user .<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    You will not be able to do something like this entirely in ASP code. You will need components and probably some custom built. Exchange server could probably get you far but I honestly do not know. How many users? That&#039s the question. In terms of server space, who knows. Email is a resource intensive process. Mail servers generally sit alone on the network. Start thinking in terms of server"s" as opposed to space on one server.

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    1. Yes<BR>2. What do you mean? ASP isn&#039t a langauge, it&#039s a platform. You will need VB/C++ to do this on a large scale.<BR>3. If you&#039re arleady working on it, isn&#039t it a bit late to be asking these sorts of questions? There are an infinite number of possible approaches, deciding which is best would require proper specs. Why not just ask for the full source code for Hotmail while you&#039re here...<BR><BR>Dunc

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