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    Ksn Murthy Guest

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    In asp+ all the HTML controls are embedded with " runat = server"<BR>so that they can be executed on the server(to hold the state) will this not hit the performance of the server ? ie..load on server will get increased ?

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    Rob Guest

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    No. The viewstate is hardly what you would call "resource intensive". Viewstate is only a value set to true or false.<BR>Hardly resource intensive and certainly less resource intensize than 50 lines of IF statements for validation like we all "HAVE" been doing :)<BR><BR>Rob

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    Good question. We actually did a little testing for this exact question. Check out:<BR><BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    Which is like saying don&#039t put validation on any elements that do not need it. Server controls should only be used on fields that need validation.

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