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    pari Guest

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    hi<BR>i have a form wherein i have to enter data. The data to be entered currently resides on a word .doc file. now i want to enter the data to be entered from there directly.. I.e just copy (ctrl+A) word doc contents(with all its formatting) and paste in the text area of the form. and after i submit the form... the database field shud contain the data in thhe html format .. so as when i output this data it will be displayed in the same format as it is presently in the doc file...<BR>i kno this is possible... thers something in MICROSOFT too for such kinda thing...<BR>but i need this urgently...<BR>thnx in adv<BR>pari

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    BalletChick Guest

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    I don&#039t think there&#039s any battle to be fought here, because I don&#039t believe it can be done as you describe (without additional steps).<BR><BR>Office 98 and 2000 offer the ability to publish/save-as HTML, as well as edit HTML documents in a sort-of WYSIWYG environment. In order to do what you want, you will need to do this:<BR><BR>1) Save the document as a web page, VIEW as HTML, do a SELECT ALL, do a COPY, and then PASTE that into the textarea in your browser form.<BR><BR>

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