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    Hello,<BR><BR> I&#039d like to know how the redirecting links like: work ( or it could be .cgi?blah ect..). I don&#039t even know what it is called; quicklinks, response.redirect, QueryString, or just plain &#039advanced redirecting&#039. I DO know that it has something to do with targets, and one big page that has all the little lists on what redirecting name goes to, like:<BR><BR>redirect="Blah";<BR><BR>Where Blah is in the example.asp?Blah<BR><BR> Please tell me how this works, and some examples of the code so I can use this cool new &#039quicker&#039 way to write links. It would be nice to just put viewpage.asp?Awesome instead of: /whatever/blah.html .. and it would also make it better to correct typos in the url or change the url without having to actually edit the page since I just edit the target &#039Awesome&#039.<BR><BR>THANKS,<BR><BR>Kevin B.<BR><BR>Webmaster, Graphics Designer<BR>Programs Used: Photoshop 5.5 w/tons of plugins, Dreamweaver 3, HomeSite 4.51, and CuteFTP to upload files.

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    What you wrote in your question was the biggest heap of jibberish I have ever heard. But in asp/vbs it is simply:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Redirect "your target URL"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Your target URL is any url as you would specify it any link on any web page!

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