I am trying to pass more than one query to my response pages.<BR>My script requires five queries in order to present in the browser without repeated fields in a sort of a tree paragraph.<BR>The first page displays OK but the next pages there only contain the variables from my first query. I try several ways to do that to no avail. example.<BR><BR>Recreation Area BIG CEDAR TREE SITE with 1 acres area an parking capacity for 1 vehicles Recreation Areas Type: Historical Site, with Access :Four Wheel Drive, Trail, Two Wheel Drive, Activities: Nature Study, Picnicking, Camping, Viewing, Wildlife Viewing, having the following Features: Coniferous, Monument, Active Forest Service Trail, . Facilities:1 Tables 1 Parking - Gravel 1 Signs <BR>Response No.:2<BR>Every word with a : delimits a query<BR> in my second page I get records like this:<BR><BR>Recreation Area SNOOKA CREEK TRAILS with 11 acres area an parking capacity for 7 vehicles Activities: having the following Features: . Facilities:<BR><BR>As you see the data is missing.<BR>I have try to pass the queries like this<BR>ex. <BR>ref=ref & "&sqlQuery=" & server.URLencode(mySQL ) &",,"& server.URLencode(ProjType ) &",,"& server.URLencode(VActi)<BR><BR>In another instance I created different record set, no difference.<BR><BR>I am trying to write the response to a single table, for this I have to concatenate the response of couple queries into one field, How do I move the cursor to the end word and write the<BR>next?<BR>