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    I don&#039t know ASP but I know HTML and I can edit a bit of ASP code. I want to make a message board. I don&#039t mind how its done. I need it to be VERY simple, all I want is 2 pages, one to write ya name, email and message on and a page that displays all the posts with the date they were sent. I amnaged to make one but I couldnt find a way of getting the messages to be in order from top to bottom instead of bottom to top, could someone please help me, send me some code of a very simple message board? thanks<BR>email me if you can:

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    Well, <BR><BR>I know a little ASP, could someone please send me the most efficient and secure ecommerce package that is configurable? I only want all the proprietary knowledge you can give me. <BR><BR>c how that sounds. <BR><BR>I have a message board product, its good, it might be better than this one, i just need error handling. Well, for say, 49.95 <BR><BR>Get real, if you want help, ask, if you want it all, sell your soul, or check out the messageboard article at 4guysfromrolla by Zola

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