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    Claes Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am planning to do a ASP website accessing a MySQL<BR>database ( running on UNIX machine.<BR>(of course the ASP on a Windows machine, if anyone<BR>was confused)<BR><BR>Does anyone have any experience with this - do I<BR>need any special software, or is ODBC OK? Anyone<BR>seen any articles about this stuff?<BR><BR>Claes

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    I didn&#039t even think MySQL was compatible with ASP... If it is you will have to make sure you have a MySQL ODBC driver, but I&#039m pretty sure its not. MySQL works best with PHP, there is a pretty good tutorial on using them together at<BR><BR>Also, (i think, maybe its .net) has a bunch of language references and whatnot. Check it out.

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    Kerry Garrison Guest

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    Make sure you check out my new article on using MySQL and ASP at<BR>-Kerry

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