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    To anyone interested to help!<BR><BR>I need to create a 20 questions survey/poll with a YES and NO answer. This will test the nature of intelligence of the tester.<BR><BR>This test is needed in a website ( which I have developed. I have a hard time creating and finding a script needed for this test. <BR><BR>The RESULT should be presented in a CHART (if possible, pie chart). This survey need not check whether the person has already taken it. <BR><BR>The RESULT would show like this:<BR><BR>*******<BR>If you&#039ve answered YES to items:<BR>1, 7 , 16 -- You are spatial/visual<BR>3, 4, 5 -- You are linquistic/verbal<BR>9, 13, 17 -- You are good in intrapersonal skills<BR>10, 18, 20 -- You are musical<BR>8, 12 -- Your bodily kinesthetics are well-coordinated<BR>2, 6, 14 -- You are good in interpersonal skills<BR>11, 15, 19 -- You are logical/mathematical<BR><BR>Thank you very much for taking the challenge!!!<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Joel Ballesteros<BR><BR>P.S. Kindly e-mail me if you need the 20-item questions.<BR> <BR><BR>

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    That&#039s not exactly difficult - which bit are you having trouble with? The ASP is trivial, it&#039s the design of the test itself and the logic for assesment that&#039s tricky, but I presume you&#039ve already got that...<BR><BR>Seriously, this board is more for people who have specific ASP questions, not for people to look for contractors/volunteers. I don&#039t mind answering questions, but I&#039m not about to do your project for you (unless you pay me, I currently cost GBP500 per day...)<BR><BR>Dunc

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    I would think if you want to test the intelligence level of the tester, then the person being tested could simply read the questions and see if they are intelligible.<BR><BR>

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