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    Here is my problem:<BR>I want to make a call to a web site with dynamic URL and receive the resulted page and store resuts in a file on IIS serer ( all this within .ASP script)<BR><BR>I got following text from a asp book , but not working looks &#039asp component &#039 related to &#039asp2htm&#039 does not exist. Surprisingly no &#039Knowldge base&#039 topic on Mircrosoft site related to this.<BR>set o=server.createobject("iissamples.asp2htm")<BR>o.r ul("")<BR>s= o.getdate()<BR>

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    The asp2htm component is part of the IIS Resource kit. If you have that you can install it. It does work pretty well for small scripts. I normally use it when validating HTML code.<BR><BR>Take Care, Zack Jones<BR><BR>

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