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    Hi<BR><BR>I need to clarify a few things:<BR><BR>Session variables cannot be used if a user has cookies disabled ?<BR><BR>If this is true is it possible to have a server side "cookie" that is temporarily used during the duration of a session but one that does not use the Global.asa in any way ?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>JohnC

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    Your first statement is correct... session variables will NOT work if a user has cookies turned off.<BR><BR>And yes, you &#039could&#039 have a server side &#039cookie&#039 (without using or needing a global.asa file at all), but without a client-side cookie, what would you tie it to? The user&#039s IP address? Nah... that doesn&#039t work very well, since several users can share an IP (not to mention the fact that AOL and WebTV users can change IP addresses in one session!)<BR><BR>It really is a sticky wicket.<BR>

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