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    Conrad Guest

    Default Files and regular expressions.

    Could someone please tell me(or point me to an online article) that would tell me how to do the following:<BR><BR>1) Open a text file<BR>2) Parse that text file for this expression "DSN=mydsn;UID=foo;PWD=bar"<BR>3) Show the value of step 2 to the user.<BR>4) Allow the user to replace that value.<BR>5) Write out the new text over the old text.<BR><BR>Thank you for any help that you may render.<BR><BR>Conrad

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    Franco Guest

    Default RE: Files and regular expressions.

    Have a look at FileSystemObject: it allows you to manipulate a text file held on the web server.<BR><BR>Alternatively, you could store the DSN values in a db table and allow the user to modify that value before using it to start a connection to the chosen db.

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