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    S.Madhusudan Guest

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    Hello,<BR> I am currently working on a Project wherein i store some records in a database and just retrieve them and display on a web page. I have my homepage at My question is, should i upload the .mdb file also? Then what will be the path when i reference it in my asp ADO connection?<BR> Will the ASP code work on any web server. Suppose the poeple at geocities don&#039t have personal web server installed, then what to do? Then how is all the graphical data displayed in ASP like the one u have used in u&#039r title on u&#039r home page 4guysfromrolla and ASP Message Board? i.e. the background and all the effects.

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    Arul Anand Guest

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    I think the geocities are not hosting the asp files. Instead there are sites who are hosting asp files free of cost. For database connection you have to use DSN-Less connection.<BR><BR>Hope this will help you<BR><BR><BR>Anand

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