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    Joby James Guest

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    Hi,<BR>We are using Windows NT Server, and IIS and ASP. we use a DLL for uploading an image to the server. After immage upload the following error occurs<BR>Microsoft(ODBC microsoft access 97 driver)Undefined function "format" in expression.<BR>This occurs where the SQL "format" function is used. This error does not come before using upload function. Please help.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Joby James

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    Show us some code!!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>What has the function format got to do with storing the image in a field???? Are you using the correct syntax to refer to your image? Have you set the enctype attribute of the submitting form to "multipart/form-data"?<BR><BR>Are you trying to store the image in an ordinary field or OLE Object field? The latter is what you should be using.

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    Joby James Guest

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    This where our file upload component is invoked :<BR>Set ObjUpLoad = Server.CreateObject("IBSPLC.Upload")<BR>FormSize = Request.TotalBytes<BR>FormData = Request.BinaryRead(FormSize)<BR>strPath = Server.MapPath("Images")<BR>FileName = ObjUpLoad.upload(FormData, strPath, "")<BR>Session("FileName") = FileName<BR><BR><BR>After this part executes, all query strings having ‘format’ like in the query below throw up this error. (It works fine before this.)<BR>strSQLCommand = "select * from VMT_FLM_PRODUCTDSCS where CATEGORY = &#039" &<BR>strCategory & "&#039<BR>and Mode_Of_Txn = &#039" & strMode_Of_Txn & "&#039 and product_id in (select product_id from vmt_flm_AUCTION<BR>where format(BID_CLOSING_DATE, &#039MM/DD/YYYY&#039) &#062;= format(&#039" & date & "&#039, &#039MM/DD/YYYY&#039))"<BR><BR>The image is uploaded correctly. We do not store the image in a DB table but put it in a directory in the server and put the file’s path in the DB table.<BR><BR>What file upload has to do with the format function is what has us also stumped<BR>

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