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    I am designing an ASP site which has some of its pages db-driven. All the connections are set, etc... but I have the following problem : <BR>The server loads only the first chars of the selected field in the selected recordset, but not the whole contents of the field (which is a big text field which contains about 4000 chars) <BR><BR>I have tried lots of solutions like the getchunk and appendchunk ones, but it says I apply it on a wrong object. <BR><BR>Please HELP !<BR> <BR>

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    Only the first how many characters? 255 or so?<BR><BR>The usual "rule" for reading a memo field is:<BR><BR>(1) Explicitly name the fields in you SELECT statement.<BR>(2) Make sure the memo field(s) is/are named *last*.<BR>(3) Only get the value of a memo field *ONE TIME* per record. If you will manipulate the value in any way, assign it (when the record is first read) to a VBS variable and then use that variable thereafter.<BR><BR>Thus:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>QRY = "Select fld1, fld2, fldN, memoField FROM table WHERE ..."<BR>Set RS = someConnection.Execute( QRY )<BR>Do Until RS.EOF<BR> &nbsp; text = RS("memoField") <BR> &nbsp; If InStr( text, "foo" ) Then ...<BR> &nbsp; Response.Write "&#060;TextArea&#062;" & text & "&#060;/TextArea&#062;" & vbNewLIne<BR> &nbsp; ...<BR> &nbsp; RS.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Or things along those lines.<BR><BR>

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