Ok this one sounded real easy when I was first told about it but now its giving me a head ache.<BR><BR>A company that books out cottages wants an online method for booking. Easy I hear you say, well they want it syncronised with the one they have at the office to aviod double bookings. To make matters worse the company has two offices and would like to share a database between the two.<BR><BR>I came up with a few ideas but here&#039s my fav so far, host the database on the web server and have the offices get a constant connection and use online forms to do all their business. Sounds great although does offer some security problems and most of all is real dependant on the browser etc not screwing up.<BR><BR>The other idea was to host the webserver onsite but that causes problems with the fact that we would have to get involved with hardware and stuff and again poses even more secruity problems. How would any of you guys do it / done it?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Pete