Which is the best method to update a web database with 10 to 100 items per day. I&#039m looking for:<BR>1) Ease of use.<BR>2) Validation.<BR>3) Integration.<BR><BR>I have just finished developing an online database which will have up to 100 new items per day. The data will be captured by clerical staff and then uploaded to the web. What&#039s the best method.<BR><BR>I am considering<BR><BR>1) An online form - one record at a time / or 10 records at a time.<BR>2) Entering the data in an Excel spreadsheet and uploading it each day.<BR>3) A bespoke VB6 program.<BR>4) A local Access database (can you synchronise local /web databases?)<BR>5) A delimited text file uploaded each day.<BR><BR>What&#039s the best method?<BR><BR><BR>