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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was wondering how compatible is MySQL with ASP. Would this be a bad choice/combination? How would you rate MySQL? <BR><BR>Thanks for your feedback.<BR><BR>-JM

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    I have not used MySql much, but from my research it is a very popular and capable dbms. My feeling is that it may not be quite as powerful as MS SqlServer, but much more so than Access. Its major benefit is that that it is available on a number of platforms (particularly win32 and linux), so that if you needed a cross-platform dbms, it has to be a definite winner. Also it is open source, so you needed to customise it your application you have the complete source code.<BR><BR>It has an odbc driver available so there should be no problem using with your asp scripts.<BR><BR>These are just my informed thought on the matter. I hope they are useful.<BR><BR>

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