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    Hello Sir,<BR><BR> I have few questions in my mind about ASP. I wanted to know why people<BR> prefer VBscript as a server side scripting and not Javascript. And they<BR> prefer Javascript as a client side scripting and why not VBScript.<BR><BR> One more question is,generally for accessing any site,we don&#039t write www<BR> that is www.4guysfromrolla.com,we write 4guysfromrolla.com and we get<BR> access,but for some site we have to write www otherwise we don&#039t<BR> get access<BR> to that page.<BR><BR> Please ******** my doubts,<BR><BR> waiting for reply,<BR><BR> Thanking you,<BR><BR> Vishal...<BR>

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    For VBScript, I am guessing since a lot of us use SQL/Access, which has vb. (With access being all about vb and recordsets).<BR><BR>For clientside, netscape/ie support js, but netscape does not support vb.<BR><BR>For urls, I think it depends on your host. Remember, you can do joe.mysite.com, as well as www.mysite.com. So you would need to set up the server to treat www.mysite.com the same as mysite.com (this is just a guess.)

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