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    &#060;% <BR> Response.Redirect("") <BR>%&#062; <BR> What does the above code accomplish? <BR>Choice 1 <BR> It sends the browser the line of sample code, and the browser executes it. <BR>Choice 2 <BR> It sends the response to "" instead of to the requesting browser. <BR>Choice 3 <BR> The redirection occurs on the server-side, and the first response the browser gets is the head and body of the new target document. <BR>Choice 4 <BR> It causes the server to send a request to the target URL and passes the response to the requesting browser. <BR>Choice 5 <BR> It sends a redirection header back to the browser, and the browser then requests the new target document. <BR>

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    I&#039m almost 100% sure it sends a 302 (?) Redirect message to the browser, so I&#039ll choose answer 5.<BR><BR>cam.

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