I have a web site setup with index.asp as the default page. For advertising purposes, I pass a &#039?ad=XXX&#039 through ad banners (http://www.&#060;example&#062;.com/?ad=test). Then I just look in the log files for the numbers off hits to these addresses. Works fine.<BR><BR>Well now, I need to be able to read the &#039ad&#039 value if possible. With http://www.&#060;example&#062;.com/?ad=test, if I do a request.querystring("ad") in index.asp, even though it is the page display, I cannot pull the querystring. If change the url to http://www.&#060;example&#062;.com/index.asp?ad=test, it works. but i want to be able to read the ad value without having to specify the index.asp file.<BR><BR>Can this be done?<BR><BR>Tyson