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    I have uploaded a script to my website... but haven&#039t created an OBDC connection to it. The database is being found by the ASP and it reads it fine.. but when I try to edit the thing it says that its not updatable. I won&#039t be able to make a connection to it in OBDC until at least Tuesday, but need the database to be updatable before then.. any temporary solutions?

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    Seems to me that the problem is not that you need an ODBC connection to the database, but rather that your database is in a directory that lacks the proper permissions. In order to update (add, modify, delete records/tables/indices/etc.) your database needs to be in a directory that has read/write permissions for the user named IUSR_xxxxxx, where xxxxxxx is the name of the server (this is assuming you&#039re using an NT box).<BR><BR>Is this the problem?

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