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    Hello!<BR><BR>I am working through the Wrox ASP 3.0 book. I went to view my test page and I could not get it to open. The wrox book is teaching from the perspective of WIn2000 IIS 5.0, but gives the sense that PWS 4.0 is usable. The interfaces and options therein of Win2000 IIS5.0 are definitely different than the PWS win 98 I am using. MMC and Virtual directories are not part of WIn98 etc. What should I do as I am at a standstill right now&#062;<BR><BR>Thankx

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    There are SO MANY things that could be wrong, and you didn&#039t really give us much to go on (as far as what you have tried, etc.), but here are some general observations:<BR><BR>1) Have you downloaded and installed PWS on your machine?<BR>2) Is PWS running (check the PWS service manager, be sure it is &#039started&#039)<BR>3) Did you place your ASP file in a subdirectory of the PWS web server&#039s root? A good place to start (without getting into the details of permissions) is cgi-bin under the web server&#039s root (e.g. if the web server&#039s root is wwwroot, then create a directory under that called cgi-bin, and place your ASP file in it)<BR>4) Fire up your browser and point it to<BR><BR>&nbsp;<BR><BR>replacing, of course, the yourscriptname with, uhhh, your script name.<BR><BR>If you STILL do not get any results, the leave us a more detailed message of what you have tried and what, exactly, you are seeing.<BR><BR>

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    The back of the Wrox 3.0 book has a reference for ASP 2.5 commands. I don&#039t belive ASP 3.0 is supported in PWS -- you simply need to use the ASP 2.5 methods and commands...

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