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    Jeanne Guest

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    Dear All,<BR> <BR>Does anyone know how to do server-side POST in ASP?In ASP 3.0,<BR>there are Server objects like Server.Transfer and Server.Execute<BR>can do the server-side redirection which can fulfil my task to some extent.However,my server is just Windows NT4 and does not support ASP 3.0.<BR> <BR>Can any ASP experts tell me other feasible solutions in ASP 2.0-2.5?<BR> <BR>Thank you very much!<BR>

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    BalletChick Guest

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    You can obtain a component to help you with your task. PowerTCP and Devsoft come to mind, but there are many others (some are even FREE!)<BR><BR>Go to, go to the components section, network area, then HTTP sub-area.

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    Jeanne Guest

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    It works!Thank you very much!

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