ok, guys (and girls :) here's one for you...

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Thread: ok, guys (and girls :) here's one for you...

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    Default ok, guys (and girls :) here's one for you...

    I have an app that you must have a username to use. That&#039s not the problem. The problem is, I need a way to update the database table I am using to verify that the users to set them as being logged out when they close their browser or otherwise leave the app. I have a logout page, but in order for it to work, the user must load it...I&#039m looking for something that will handle a browser being closed, but I don&#039t need it to log them out if they are going to another page in the app. Is this impossible?

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    Yes, that&#039s impossible.<BR><BR>First, I&#039d be very irate that when I try to close my browser, you are forcing me to another page?<BR><BR>What you&#039re looking for is a session to expire. It will expire by default (20 mins) OR when the user closes his browser. That&#039s when you should do your cleaning up.

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