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Thread: I have a data design question.

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    Default I have a data design question.

    I have a data design question.<BR><BR>Here is the scenario: A user has access to site one, however when they go site two, they much register their information and then they can still use the same login and password off of the same members database. The reason we are doing this is so we do not have multiple member databases for multiple sites.<BR><BR>I have one members database that is built in Microsoft Access 2000. The fields in the database are: name, password, login, hint, and site (currently I have the field "site" used as the container for the value "yes", which means I can have access to this site.) I only have one site that runs off of this database, in other words, queries to the database for login and password information.<BR><BR>But, how do you tie multiple sites to the same members database? (Do I make a value in a table be dynamic enough that a user can have access to site one and two, or only have access to site two.) Or am I asking the right question? <BR><BR>Treat this as a network of sites that use one members database, but you need to still sign up for access, afterwards, you can use the same login and password for the sites that you are signed up for.<BR><BR>If you can help I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time.<BR><BR>--J. Todd Patrick

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    This is what I would do. I would create two additional tables. The first table would basically be a list of all of the sites and would have a minimum of two columns. They would be siteID and siteName. You could have additional columns for description, date created or whatever.<BR>The 2nd additional table would have two columns, UserID and SiteID. There would be row for each site that each user had permission to go to. So to see if user3 had permission to go to site 4 you could have a script something like<BR><BR>"Select * from tblpermission where UserID =" Request("UserID") & " and SiteID =3"<BR><BR>If rst.eof then<BR>response.write ("You do not have premission to view this site.")<BR><BR>else<BR>do whatever<BR>End If<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>

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    Default CROSSPOSTED! for shame...

    See also the Database message forum. Maybe others, for all I know. Grumble.<BR><BR>

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