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    I have a file delay.asp with animated gif which loads while the application is accessing data from the server.<BR>I am using response.redirect to move onto the other page once the database is updated.<BR>While the database is getting updated the animated gif on the <BR>delay.asp just stops .I assume the animated gif stopped since the focus went to the dataupdate.asp page through response.redirect.<BR> Is there a way I can control that to keep it moving until the second page is loaded?<BR>Please Help me!

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    Is the response.redirect actually working? If I understand you correctly, it can&#039t be. <BR><BR>Let me check to see if I understand. You have an asp page that displays an image (annimated in your case). The same asp page that displays the image has a respons.redirect that sends the user to another page? This won&#039t work because you can write anything to the browser before using the response.redirect. So displaying the image first prohibits the response.redirect from working.

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    sorry, the is coming from the filewhich updatesthe databse. You got it right . The animated gif is shown<BR>aslong asthe db is getting updated.

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