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    1)Once I do a can i give the same rs many SQL strings?<BR>2) Do i do have to give them different names like string1, string2 ?<BR>3)What about performance, is it better to do, then rs.close, then again? <BR>4)Is it better to do recordset loop and but values into array , then process data or process while in the recordset loop?

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    Once you&#039ve opened a recordset you have to close it before you can re-open it with a different query.<BR><BR>Don&#039t loop through a recordset to put the values in an array - use recordset.GetRows() which returns an array and is very fast.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    how do I use this array? Guest

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    how do I use this array?<BR>Is it GetRows(i) or something?

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    Well i dont know if this has anything to so with the price of a can of beans but you can have multiple quries with the same record set and navigate them with the rec.NextRecordset same name but diff recordset

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