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Thread: Error: 'you have not permissions to execute se

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    I have created a new dll activeX. When I start this dll from Visual Basic, it opens a new iexplorer window and opens the corretly asp page, but it raises an error when it try to execute &#039server.CreateObject("..")&#039, it says "you have not permissions to use &#039server.createObject&#039". <BR>this dll runs Ok when i open this asp page from iexplorer directly, without use vb.<BR>I&#039m using windows 2000 advanced server, and vb 6.0. professional. <BR>thanks. <BR>

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    I think I read something about this on 15 seconds ( may have been asptoday though!) - as far as I can remember it may have something to do with being executed from within an IIS platform -basically the folder that the dll is being executed in must be set up in IIS to have execute,read,write permissions<BR>Probably not much help !<BR>

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