I`ve got a project that I`m doing definitions requirements and preliminary design for. It involves keeping track of who has read what documents. In the simplest of terms it is a matrix with the individuals down the left side and the document names across the top and true or false for each document depending on whether it was read or not.<BR><BR>I`m trying to figure out as documents are added what the easiest way to add that "column"/field is. I`m thinking the record is the employee and the document/memo is a field in that record.<BR><BR>The other option is to use more than one table and have the document ID down the left side and the employee accross the top.<BR><BR>We have about 500 employees with low turnover and about 60 of these documents per year. The UI for the adding of memos needs to be dumby proof and the reporting on whether the memos have been read needs to be flexible.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Scott