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    I need to make one of the industry-standard hit counters where the same IP only counts as a hit once per day. I can easily get the IP using Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR"), but as far as tracking the IPs I am wondering what my best method is. If necessary, I could make a database that stored IPs, but I&#039m not sure if that is the best way. Any thoughts?

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    A two field table (IP and Date) in a database would certainly work. However I&#039m confused as to why multiple hits from the same IP count as only one? For instance, if users are behind a firewall, then any number of users could hit your site but the IP presented to your server would be the IP the firewall sends. So 50 different users could hit your site but still show the same IP. Likewise any DHCP assigned addresses to dial-up or Cable/DSL users could be used by a number of different people during the course of the day but if more than one of those that "shared" an address hits your page you&#039ll only count one of them. <BR><BR>Just some rambling, possibly useless, observations.........

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    Default Any other way to do a Unique counter?

    A very good point and thanks for pointing that out to me. The 2 main options I see are IP and Cookies for a unique-hit per 24 hour counter, but both pose a problem. With IPs we have networks and firewalls, and with cookies we have shared-computers and people who turn of cookies. I know there is a way to do it, because any standard Banner Ad Agency counts unique hits... Does anyone have any idea?

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