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    I am currently working on a project that does data processing from the web. My problem is this whenever an aposterphee is entered by a user my SQL statements crash. I have been told before to look at the replace funct, but I really dont want to replace the aposterfees with another symbol. I would like to keep these aposterphees but how? Likewise will this cause the same problems from the other side as in out putting stored info? Any tips from you pros would be appreciated.

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    Default See the FAQ

    This question is asked roughly two times every day. The answer *is* in the FAQ.<BR><BR>I could give you the answer, but I am hoping that by having you read the FAQ you might find other answers for future questions.<BR><BR>(And if you don&#039t know where the FAQ is: Look in the left column of this page, under the title "Resources". Personally, I think it should be at the TOP of that column in BIG BOLD letters, but...)<BR><BR>

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