Excuting Code from Database?

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Thread: Excuting Code from Database?

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    Derek Baron Guest

    Default Excuting Code from Database?

    I am running an Access database and I was wondering if it is possible to execute code out of a table. I poplulate the table with something like &#060;%response.write "HELLO"%&#062;, and it doesn&#039t seem to execute. In fact, it doesn&#039t even show the text. Is it possible to execute that code?<BR><BR>Thank-You,<BR>Derek

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    Richard L. Guest

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    Probably not without some very strange and inefficient workaround - like writing the code to a text file (*.asp file) on the server and then redirecting to that page.<BR><BR>My question for you is: what are you trying to do here? There must be a more elegant way to accomplish whatever it is.

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