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    Chris Cotterill Guest

    Default Microsoft Needs to Set It Up on ASP & IIS

    I&#039m almost always amazed at how good Microsoft is at having so much information available on the Net about their technologies, but I&#039m disappointed with the ASP/IIS info available.<BR><BR>These two technologies come together in IIS 4.0 and the most basic use for ASP in this case is a seach page. Heck, IIS even comes with same ASP search pages. Yet, there isn&#039t a HOW TO on how to customize an ASP search page available anywhere. And try finding info on searching meta tags at Microsoft. Three or four pages of the most obvious info. There&#039s not even a book about ASP and IIS integration.<BR><BR>If there is ANYONE out there who can point me in a direction for information on building an ASP search page with IIS please let me know. If Microsoft is listening--print a book, put a tutorial online. ANYONE PLEASE HELP. I&#039ve been searching for months.<BR><BR>If there is a good tutorial/book out there, I will insert foot into mouth and fall on my knees and beg forgiveness for being so negative.<BR><BR>CWC

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    While there may not be a book dedicated to searching, there are several good sources on the net. (Are you wanting to search your site, or the web?)<BR><BR>Here is an article on searching a database on your site:<BR><BR><BR>

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    Mark Hoffman Guest

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    Chris, check out some of the books that WROX press puts out on ASP. I don&#039t have the ISBN&#039s handy, but they have a book titled Professional Active Server Pages and another on ASP,IIS and MTS. (Very good reading!) If my memory serves me correct, the Professional ASP touches on searching.<BR><BR>Now, have you looked into Microsoft Index Server? This product is designed for integrating search capabilities into a web site. I haven&#039t used it myself, but from what I&#039ve read it seems pretty powerful and straightforward. It is primarily used for searching documents, I believe.<BR><BR>What type of searching are you wanting? I mean, are you wanting to search HTML documents on a web site, database queries?<BR><BR>Mark Hoffman<BR>D Animation Multimedia and Web Design<BR>

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    Chris Cotterill Guest

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    Yes, I&#039ve read the WROX Professional ASP and it has a chapter on searching, but is too limited in scope....<BR><BR>My search page is for our student newspaper at The search page that I want to work--which is not well code-written is at<BR><BR>The newspaper site must be have options for basic text search(this works), and options to search by author, document title (which is the same as the headline), section (News, Features, Opinion, Sports), volume number, and issue number. The title/headline is obviously saved in the Title tag of each document. The author, section, volume, and issue are stored in meta tags. (Not all the documents have these tags, but about a hundred articles do). IIS has already been configured by our webmaster to cache these meta tags so that they can be searched.<BR><BR>We&#039re searching HTML documents.<BR><BR>The main problem is that I can&#039t figure out how to get the search page to search more than one variable. And, I can only get it to search just the text or just the author--I can&#039t get it to search section, volume, issue, etc.<BR><BR>I&#039ve e-mailed Microsoft and received no response yet.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris Cotterill

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