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    I have created a form where user can enter any content in a textarea field. after submitting this form i am writing this content in a file, but i am failed to do the formatting that content like where any paragraph is starting or ending or whether user entering any bullet or any numbering. I need this solution asap. I will highly appreciate if anybody can give reply with right solution.<BR>thanks.

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    In regards to the paragraph formatting, if you use the replace function as below<BR><BR>strTEXT = request.form("TEXTAREANAME")<BR>strTEXT = Replace(strTEXT, vbCrLF, "<BR>")<BR>response.write (strTEXT)<BR><BR>basically this replaces all Return Presses with "<BR>"<BR><BR>this has to be done when the form is either being processed or when the data is being viewed...<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>David M

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