Hi all,<BR><BR>I&#039m having some real problems with some frames and was wondering if anyone could help...<BR><BR>Default.asp contains a frameset of MENU and CONTENT. MENU has a bunch of links, when they click on a link in MENU, a page appears in CONTENT.<BR><BR>In one instance, when a page appears in CONTENT, CONTENT is loaded with another page that contains a frameset of Add and Modify. When the user performs an action on Modify, it opens a small window so that the user can update a field, once done, it is replaced with a confirmation message in a small window. <BR><BR>My question: how do I refresh default.asp from the small confirmation window so that default.asp contains both MENU and CONTENT (which contains the ADD/MODIFY frameset).<BR><BR>Thanks!!<BR><BR>Kelly<BR><BR>