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    omc Guest

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    Does anyone know any good, unbiased sources of information on the benefits/drawbacks of SQL Server vs. Oracle?

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    Cable Guest

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    Some tibbits: SQL Server is based on the Sybase Server. They are almost, I say, almost the same thing. Sybase has won a lot of awards.<BR><BR>There was a challange made between Oracle and Microsoft to see who had the better server. Microsoft won:<BR><BR>http://www.image-in-usa.com/pr01.htm<BR><BR>I am not sure if this is unbiased, or a reprint of a Microsoft article. But I remember reading about it in some SQL Magazine at one time.<BR>

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    Cable Guest

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    There is a Non-Profit organization at:<BR><BR>http://www.tpc.org/<BR><BR>But I think you have to become a member to view the results there. I think the membership is free?

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    Bruce Clark Guest

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    PC Magazine just had an issue devoted to the SQL databases from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase and Informix:<BR><BR>http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/stories/reviews/0,6755,2305601,00.html<BR><BR>MS SQL Server 7.0 was their Editor&#039s Choice, but the new Informix Centaur looks very, very interesting (they also liked an upcoming realease of DB2 from IBM).

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