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    I would like to put a line on some of my pages that tell the user how many minutes until their session times out (countdown style). Anyone done this before? Or have any ideas?

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    Sure... it&#039s easy and doesn&#039t even require any VBScript code... just HTML. Here&#039s how to do it.<BR><BR>1) Look up your default session timeout value in the IIS setup (this is normally 20 minutes, but may have been changed). For purposes of step 2 below, we&#039ll assume it&#039s 20 minutes.<BR>2) Place this code in your HTML for each page:<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;& nbsp;Your session will timeout in 20 minutes.<BR><BR>You&#039re done!<BR><BR>Can you see why this is so easy? It&#039s because every time your user&#039s load a page, their session renews, and the timer starts over.<BR><BR>Now... if you&#039re asking about how to put a LIVE countdown timer on each page, you can pick up a javascript example at:<BR><BR>

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    Default Thanks!

    I now have a countdown clock which tells my users when they are getting ready to be booted for inactivity!

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