Hello,<BR><BR>1)<BR>i&#039m looking for to review my code with other people.<BR>If i print it out I often have to insert breaks because the code doesn&#039t fit on the width of a page...THis time consuming and boring. <BR>On the Side most of the people don&#039t have time to come to my screen to discuss the. Most of the time also do not have rights to acces my Harddisk trought the Network.<BR>Does Someone has an Idea what could be the best solution?<BR><BR><BR>2)<BR>I also have a lot of code who is already reviewed and I want it to be "reachable" for my Whole team (let&#039s say 20 Programmers).<BR>Is there a Code publishing tool so people just have to look at reviewed code that is already present and they can use it with cut & paste without needing to code everything from scratch?<BR><BR>Thanks al lot in Advance<BR><BR>Axel Metayer <BR>axel.metayer@e-plex.de<BR>Germany<BR><BR><BR><BR>