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    When using OLE-DB for SQL Server your connection objects get pooled. That is, when you release the connection object (Set MyConn = Nothing) it gets put back into the pool of connections to be used again. It appears that when you use a SET ROWCOUNT or the like it stays active because the connection is never closed. I ran into this when I started using SET ROWCOUNT to display the top 10 records. Worked great, but on occasion pages that weren&#039t using SET ROWCOUNT would only display the top 10 RECORDS! I fixed this by issuing a SET ROWCOUNT 0 right before I close the connection. Just thought people should know this, I haven&#039t seen this directly refered to anywhere.<BR><BR>BTW This is only an issue wil SQL 6.5 and older bcuz in 7.0 i think you can use "SELECT TOP xx" instead of SET ROWCOUNT :)<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Wow - that&#039s pretty bizarre!<BR><BR>You&#039re right, in SQL 7 you can use SELECT TOP x, so I guess this shouldn&#039t affect too many people...<BR><BR>Thanks for telling us anyway.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    ehehe.. he figured it all out.. YOU DA MAN :)

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