&nbsp;<BR>Hi,<BR><BR><BR>We are developing a banking project.<BR><BR>We have two applications one is Client Server which is developed in Power Builder and<BR>the other is Browser based interface developed in the ASP.<BR><BR>I am running a long query. <BR><BR>In the Oracle Enterprise Manager (Instance manager) it is showing<BR>that the query will take about 7 mintues. In the details processing table it is showing<BR>that the SORT/OUTPUT processing is going on. <BR><BR>When we try to access the Oracle from the ASP application it is not responsing.<BR><BR>When we try to access the Oracle from the Powerbuilder application it is working properly.<BR><BR>IIS is working properly.<BR><BR>Is there is any solution for this problem.<BR><BR><BR>The following is the configuration that the project is running:<BR><BR>IIS 4.0<BR> Script time out 360 seconds<BR> Session Time Out 20 mintues<BR>Oracle 8i <BR><BR> Hybried Database<BR><BR> optimizer_mode = CHOOSE<BR> db_block_buffers = 346<BR> db_block_size = 8192<BR> distributed_transaction = 10<BR> open_cursors = 200<BR> open_links = 4<BR> shared_pool_size = 94557184<BR> sort_area_size = 66560<BR> <BR> I am using only one user name to login to the database.<BR><BR> <BR>Using Oracle ODBC<BR><BR> I have disabled the Enable Query Time Out option.<BR> <BR><BR>ASP 2.0<BR><BR><BR><BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>S. Velayutham.