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    hi ,can any on in simple words explain what is bcnf,multivalued dependency,4th normal form,join dependencies and 5th normal form<BR>plese this is urgent

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    I strongly doubt it - that&#039s the syllabus for a senior degree-level university course on relational theory. Heck, I did one of those and all they said about 4th & 5th Normal forms was "they exist but are rarely used".<BR><BR>If anyone can explain these concepts in simple words then I&#039d like to ask them if they can spare the time to feed the starving millions and give us world peace too ;-)<BR><BR>I can give you the book definition of BCNF - "all determinants are candidate keys" - but to fully explain what this means requires a hefty discussion of functional dependancy, single-valued facts, 1st - 3rd Normal forms and all that other stuff that I haven&#039t really thought about much in a couple of years...<BR><BR>Dunc

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