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    if I pass a query parameter like <BR>location.herf="xxxxx.asp?name=Jack Smith"<BR>then at resquest.querystring("name") I am only able to have<BR>resquest.querystring("name")=Jack, <BR>not Jack Smith. How to solve this problem? I&#039ve tried to put "Jack Smith" or &#039Jack Smith&#039 in the query parameter, but it did not work at all, since there is a space between Jack and Smith<BR><BR>

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    You must URLENCODE your string first... OR, if you want, you can do it manually by changing your URL to:<BR><BR>"xxxxx.asp?name=Jack%20Smith"<BR><BR>(n otice I replaced the space with %20).<BR><BR>Interestingly, you might have noticed that this is not a problem with IE, only with Netscape Navigator.<BR>

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