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    Hi All,<BR>This might be an odd one,many people may have asked you guys the same question i am about to ask.<BR>I hate introducing 2 asp pages to populate an combo.<BR>The first asp page has an combo say populated with product categories on selection and submit it sends the selected category thru post method to another asp page which populates an combo of Products which belong to the previously selected Category.<BR>I tried doing it in one asp page by having an tag variable,two forms, both have action post to the same asp page but this doesnt work .<BR>Am i missing something<BR>can you smarties help me in this query.<BR>It would save me and everyone from VB background lots of time developing asp apps<BR>Thanks and Regards<BR>Gyani

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    There are two ways..you can do it apart from submitting the<BR>page.<BR><BR>1. Dynamically generating the javascript.<BR>2. Using frames.<BR><BR>More about the first method can be found at <BR>www.asplists.com.<BR><BR>Second method is found at the following URL<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/101398-1.shtml<BR><BR>It is up to you to choose among the lesser evils :)<BR><BR><BR>

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