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    Hello?<BR> i have got a question? iam developing a site ? i have been strucked at one point&#062; my problem is as follows?<BR> in my site there is searchpassword webpage screen?the aim of that screen/page is if user forgets his password then he can use this screen to get his password by answering to questions birthday,pincode and registeredid? <BR>once he gives the correct information i should send his password<BR>to his email id which he gave while registering with this site?<BR> this similar to any yahoo mails? where users forgets his password?he can answer to chanllenge questions?and get the password to his anothe r email account<BR> please any body is having solution or code please reply to me as soon as possible bcos my project finshing deadline is coming near<BR>please email to me?<BR>

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    This will depend on what email component email component is available on your server. The standard one that comes with ASP is NewMail Object (CDONTS Library), and your can find info at<BR><BR>If you can choose a component, then a very good free one is JMail at

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