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    I am trying to find documentation and examples of using PGP with the ASPMail component produced by Server Objects I have seen Server Objects PGP mail example and also reviewed their ASPMail component documentation. However, neither really explains how to use PGP with their ASPMail product. A little background... I am creating a web based forms/application that will use the ASPMail component to send the data via an active server page to an individual&#039s e-mail account. The e-mail needs to be encrypted using the PGP product and then decrypted using the individual&#039s PGP on their desktop. I have emailed Server Objects, PGP support, and my webhost provider. None of them were able to give me any answer or help. Can anyone help me out any?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Jason

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    I have been looking for the same thing. The best I was able to find was to download the PGP Freeware v6.5.8 from, which includes the command line version. It also includes pdf manuals explaining PGP&#039s parameters, etc. I didn&#039t see any more examples regarding the ASPMail component, but you can probably change the PGP command line parameters in your ASP as needed. Hope this helps. Didn&#039t help me because I&#039m looking for a PGP Active X component that works with ASPMail (my host won&#039t allow any .exe&#039s, which is how this package works).

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