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    Bitt Guest

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    I have this declaration in my first.asp page<BR>----------------------------------------<BR>Dim arrScore <BR>arrScore = Session("qResult") &#039Retrieve Score array<BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>And this declaration im my second.asp page<BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>arrScore=Session("qResult")<BR>redim preserve arrScore(Request("qID")) <BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>The problem is whan I&#039m moving to second.asp I get a message<BR>Like this:<BR>arrScore , type mismatch<BR>how can I solve the problem??<BR>Thanks.

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    Vivek Nama Guest

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    i have tried out your problem and it does not give any problem<BR>when I submit a form to reach second.asp OR use a &#060;A HREF&#062; to reach second.asp<BR>check the value of Request("qid") OR if arrscore has some other usage on second.asp prior to the line shown above<BR>or else mail me the code at

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