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    Sorry for posting this twice, but I feel like jumping<BR><BR>I have been having trouble setting email responses on my web pages. I have tried cdonts and jmail.<BR><BR>jmail gives the following error (I have tried the jmail dimac forum- but have had no responses as yet)<BR><BR>The message was undeliverable. All servers failed to receive the message<BR>ClientLogging enabled: Client Remote Address:<BR>.execute()<BR>{<BR>Trying server<BR> failed with the message: "SOCKET ERROR: No buffer space available"<BR>No socket for server. ConnectToServer()<BR>1 of 1 servers failed<BR>}<BR><BR>n e thoughts welcome<BR><BR>Jake

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    Default another component?

    Not sure it will help you right now, but there is a great and easy to use in asp email component:<BR><BR>It was designed specially for asp. All Asp developers I know - use it

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