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    I have 300+ jpegs (ok they&#039re not mine, they belong to one of our clients) that need to be put out on an intranet site into some kind of "slide show." Now, I really do not want to create 300+ HTML files to embed these jpegs into (can you blame me?). Is there a way to use an asp page or two to create some sort of slideshow (maybe kinda like the Content Linker component)? Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    This is really easy to do. But you could probably do a better job by doing it HTML with client-side JavaScript. (You might use ASP to generate the page, though! Good idea, in fact.)<BR><BR>How do you want the pictures to be shown? In order, with a "NEXT" button?<BR><BR>Randomly, with a "NEXT" button but never repeating until all are shown?<BR><BR>Randomly, with each new user getting a different picture (either in NEXT or RANDOM order) until all are shown? (Okay, for this one you&#039d need to use ASP.)<BR><BR>Describe the problem a bit better, please.<BR><BR>But none of these are hard.<BR><BR>Almost forgot: Are they regularly named? (That is, "pic001.jpg", "pic002.jpg", etc.) Or just random names?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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