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    I am learning ASP and the book I am using (Wrox, Beg.ASP 3.0)is working on the basis of Win2000pro. However, it does seem like one can have win 98 and still do the work in the book and be able to test pages, etc. I have been having a hard time with this. Can I write and test ASP 3.0 using Win98 PWS, etc.??? Does PWS 4.0 as it exists in Win98 (not 2nd edition!) suport ASP? If not what can I do short from buying Win2000pro?<BR>Thanks<BR>Rik

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    You should have no problem. I have the same book and installed PWS. Follow the instructions in the appendix. It will guide you through the install process. <BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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