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    Harpal Guest

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    I need help in making a random quiz. I have read the one in the site but taht simply picks up teh values from teh databse and displays them<BR><BR>I have 1000 questions in each category and want randomisationa nd also that one user if he comes back next time should get a different set of question he got last time any ideas<BR><BR>I will be gratefull<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>Harpal

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Hi Arhpal,<BR><BR>Taht&#039s an interesting question.<BR><BR>Really, teh only way would be to save teh question ID&#039s taht ahve been asked to each person in a database, so taht wehn tehy come back teh next time, tehy won&#039t get teh same questions again.<BR><BR>Does taht ehlp?

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    BC,<BR><BR>Thanks for making me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. You rule!

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    Harpal Guest

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    Thats a bit too complicated.. dont you think so i mean too mush databse space and memory.... <BR><BR>I think there should be a better way <BR>anyways thanx a lot ballet chick at least you tried<BR><BR>Regards Harpal

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    kevin Guest

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    use cookies to store the ids for the questions they have been asked. then compare your random number with the ids stored in the cookie.<BR><BR>luck<BR>kev

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